Andis 23-Piece Clipper /Trimmer Combo Haircutting Kit, Silver (20140) Review

As the name suggests, the Andis Clip Clipper/Trimmer Combo is a 23 piece haircutting kit that features finest trimmer and clipper functions which consistently offer a close, clean and a smooth shave.

Since the kit includes a host of different accessories, it’s said to be the ultimate hair shaving tool. The Andis 23-Piece Clipper is a trimmer for all men who want to have the desired hair-cut.

What accessories are included?

The Andis 23-Piece Clipper/Trimmer Combo haircutting kit comprises of a cordless battery operated trimmer and an adjustable magnetic motor clipper. Plus, it comes with six accessory combs for each of them.

Scissors, mustache comb, blade cleaning brush, barber cape, styling barber comb, blade oil, storage case and 2 blade guards are a part of the kit too.

Product features:

The ergonomic design of the Andis 23-Piece Clipper/Trimmer is pretty much matchless. It’s manufactured in such a manner that it suits all beard styles. From long beard designs to stubble look, all can be effectively streamlined and trimmed with relative ease.

The product manufacturers have not used average razor blades. In fact, high quality stainless steel blades are used to ensure great durability and long term use.

BTB cordless battery operates inside the trimmer which makes it great for trimming beards and mustaches.

The small trimmer makes use of standard batteries,so there is no need of any cord or recharge.The magnetic clipper allows easy adjustment to touch different layers of hair to cut them effectively.

Moreover, the trimmer is smooth and quiet and there is no pulling involved. Its light weight too so it is easy to use and move around the facial areas.

Unlike other similar products out there in the market, the Andis 23-Piece Clipper/Trimmer Combo Haircutting kit is contoured shape, so it will practically fit into all hands conveniently.

One can easily achieve the desired look within the four walls of their house with this 23 piece kit that includes just about everything for men’s grooming needs.

The makers of the product have been in the business for several decades and they are well known for offering supreme quality hair styling devices. Their reputation has been the finest in the industry.

Product drawback:

The cord for the clippers is not too long. A choice for a larger cord would have definitely been a good thing for the consumers.

The trimmer operates on AA batteries. However, the batteries are not part of the sale. They have to be purchased separately.

As such, the whole 23 piece kit is offered at a relatively low price. The ton of attachment itself is worth the money. So, having to spend some extra money on batteries should not be a great deal.

Andis 20140 Customer reviews

Most consumers like the fact that they are able to secure an all-in-one solution for their grooming needs for a relatively low price.

So, the reviews are mainly positive for the product. However, there are some negative reviews too. That being said, most complaining customers were offered replacement for any defective device.

Also, customers who face the problem of overheating are advised against the use of this trimmer for an extended time at a stretch.

Andis 20140 Review: Final verdict

For the low price, this combo kit is literally a steal.It is suitable for all hair styles and different types of beards and mustaches.

So, anyone out there can save hundreds of dollars over a year or so by grooming themselves in their house itself with this 23 piece haircutting kit.

Moreover, the product is backed with a 5 year warranty. As long as the product is returned within the return period, one can get an easy replacement in case there is any defect with the product. So, it’s a complete win-win situation for the buyers.

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