Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus, 15.5 oz Review

Blades are the soul of a clipper device. Without them, the device loses its power and functionality. Clipper blades function best when they are nicely maintained.

Keeping them cool, lubricated and clean is the way to go over here. Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus is said to be the right product for blade clean up and maintenance. Basically, it’s a disinfectant, coolant, cleaner, lubricant and rust preventative spray for a clipper device.

The 5 in 1 solution makes it perfect for blade cleaning to enhance the life of the clipping device. Moreover, they also play a great role in reducing friction by ensuring rust prevention and proper lubrication of the blades.

Not to forget the fact that they ensure smooth operation of clippers and trimmers upon proper care and maintenance of the blades with the use of Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus spray.

Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus Review

Strong points

The product is popular with consumers and professional salon owners too. The spray is simple to use, so it makes blade cleaning an easy affair.

They are a one-step solution to get the blades clean, cool and lubricated without actually taking them off the trimmer or clipper. It has a high pressure comfort tip to remove hairs from the blades with great ease.

Loads of consumers out there have spoken in favor of this product. Majority of the customer reviews found online state that this easy-to-use solution has helped them enhance their clipper operation to a great extent. Therefore, the popularity of this product never seems to cease.

So, it’s a great product for those who are looking to maximize their clipper performance without spending a lot of money.It’s available in a 15.5 oz aerosol.

Bad points

It does emit some odor. The odor is bearable so it’s just a minor downfall for this 5-in-1 spray.

How to use Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus?

The use of this spray is simple. One needs to hold the product upright about 6 to 7 inches away from the clipper blades and spray them until wet.

Once the surface is wet, one should wait for around 10 minutes to allow dry air. Between full applications, one is advised to spray clipper to cool the blades in order to eliminate unwanted stray hairs.

Regular use of this product will keep the blades lubricated and will also ensure optimum life of the grooming device.

Now to cool the hair clippers, one should turn off the clipper occasionally during spray application in order to use the spray on the teeth and the blade.

The spray will do its magic by removing unwanted hairs, dust particles and dandruff from the device in addition to making the clipper cool and clean.

There is no need to further rinse the device. The spray will get the job done efficiently and in a hassle free manner.

Final conclusion

The product does the intended task. As a matter of fact, it pays for itself by enhancing the life of the clipper.

It’s economical too. Therefore, one can’t really go wrong with the purchase of Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus spray.

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